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18 Columbas Villas
Coalisland, BT71 4PX
United Kingdom


Online Community Radio Broadcasting from the Heart of Tyrone



November 29, 2013

Bhuel, bhí mé ar an raidió anocht leis an chéad chlár den 'Blas an tOileán. Is mise an láitheoir. Níl mé ag magadh! 

Made my broadcasting debut on Radio Coalisland tonight between 7.30 - 10.00 pm. Show appeared to go fairly well but the listeners will be the judge of that! It's a bilingual programme with plenty of good music, a bit of history of local placenames, a couple of simple beginners Irish lessons. I should be on every Thursday night between 7.30-10.00 so if you have nothing better to do - tune in and hopefully I won't bore you all to tears!

Tonight I opened with 'Daybreak' (Horslips) - thought it was apt given it was the first show, the beginning of a new venture. Probably a bit pretentious (not the song or the band) but sin a bhfuil! Finished with the live version of Dearg Doom from The Belfast Gigs. Don't need an excuse to play Horslips so good chance there'll be more of the same in future weeks. Other than that I tried to keep a balance between English and Irish language songs. The Irish language songs were largerly modern e.g. The Coronas, The Delorentos, Swell Season, Mick Flannery, Luan Parle and so on. I also featured (and will feature) other Irish artists. Will be the mainstay of the show! Did a three in a row featuring Gráinne Duffy (I'd Rather Go Blind) Brónagh Gallagher (Make A Move) and Luan Parle (Taibhse) to demonstrate the depth of female talent we have in Ireland.

Anyway, if you are at a loose end next Thursday night - tune in I'd be delighted to have you're company.

By the way I did a little competition which is still open. I played a song by 'The Duhks' entitled 'Who will take my place'. The firt person to email me at - - with the correct answer and their address will win a Horslips CD (one of a couple of spare ones I have. Unfortunately, I can't accept an answer from any family members as 'twouldn't be cricket - would it? For the rest of you give it a lash! Here is the question?

Who is the famous historical Irish Person who is the subject of the song?

Go n-éirí an t-adh libh!!




November 25, 2013

Delighted to welcome on board Radio Coalisland several new voices. Colum Duffin who is an old school music fan with very wide tastes which covers most genres. Colum will be on on Friday nights form 9pm Eamonn Flanagan who will broadcast a bilingual programme in English and Irish on Thursday nights from 7pm. And John McGinley who will cover all the latest on the music scene. John will be on air on Tuesday night from 8pm. Oliver Corr will be on air on Tuesday Wednesday and Friday evenings for an hour from 7pm with a mixture of music and interviews and will be hosting a new programme soon called "Six of the Best" where guests will share their favourite pieces of music. 



November 02, 2013

Well I went ahead and broadcast some music tonight on the site Coalisland Radio. Got a good reaction on Facebook to the idea of an online community radio station even if my choice of music was questioned! Anyway I think it could work. Will need to gather a group of DJ's for the station as I wouldn't have the time to do it full time. Got some very good advice from the lads running a similar station in Strabane especially Richard and Séan Mór. Will be setting up the social media to promote the idea and I would welcome any sensible feedback from the good citizen's of the greater Coalisland area at home and abroad.  Anyway it's all good!